Can you guess whether I was under the influence of Adderall of Vyvanse when I wrote this? Trick question, I [prefer modafinil](/adderall alternatives/).

Disclaimer: we don't condone the use of prescription psychostimulants for recreational purposes. However, we also acknowledge that it's more productive to disseminate harm reduction strategies rather than withhold useful safety information about the recreational use of Adderall.

Concerned about the effects of stimulant medications like Vyvanse vs Adderall on blood pressure? Good for you for taking charge of your health. If you have a history of hypertension, chest pain, shortness of breath, or heart murmurs, your doctor may advise against using stimulants to treat ADHD. There are plenty on non-stimulant options like Strattera (atomoxetine), for example.

In this article, we'll compare the risks and benefits of Adderall verses Vyvanse for weight loss. Some may think using amphetamines to lose weight is a terrible idea, but we'll try to keep this discussion as non-judgmental as possible.

Looking for a safe, effective Adderall alternative with more tolerable side effects? That would be the holy grail of smart drugs. But in all seriousness, it exists. It's called modafinil.

Let's presume that you've been prescribed 20mg Adderall, but want to switch to Vyvanse. What's an equivalent dose of Vyvanse that would be comparable to 20mg of Adderall?

Is Vyvanse making you feel tired? This side effect is relatively uncommon compared with other side effects like headache and insomnia. But feeling tired on Vyvanse might surprise you given that Vyvanse is a stimulant and thus wakes most people up.