College is the time of everyone’s life that we all look forward to and the shift not only happens at a social level but also at a psychological level. Students that are resilient, exhibit good stress management, and have a positive explanatory style are best equipped to cope with the demands of college life (Sossah, 2015).

What NSI-189 dosage is recommended? Neuralstem used dosages of 40mg, 80mg, and 120mg in clinical trials, administered daily. The 80 and 120mg doses were given in multiple divided doses of 40mg each. Neuralstem is the pharmaceutical company that developed NSI-189 phosphate.

Depression is a disorder caused by chronic stress and impaired neuroplasticity.

Curcumin may prove useful for depression, but more research is needed.

Most people will experience at least one temporary mild-to-moderate depression during their lifetime^1.

It sounds crazy, but Adderall can be an effective off-label treatment for treatment-resistant depression.

Not being able to get a good night of sleep isn't just frustrating, it can be disabling.

Due to NSI-189’s scarcity, it can be difficult to find reasonably priced, legitimate NSI-189.

The mechanism of action of NSI-189 phosphate remains a trade secret. It has been speculated that NSI-189 binds to the glucocorticoid receptor in the brain. Glucocorticoid receptor binding could be form of negative feedback that decreases circulating cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone implicated in depression and other stress-related neuropsychiatric disorders.

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