Pterostilbene Benefits

December 26, 2016

Pterostilbene is a naturally abundant antioxidant that benefits the cardiovascular system (blood vessels) and improves the regulation of sugar in the body. Improved sugar regulation protects against diabetes. Pterostilbene also benefits the nervous system by supporting natural antioxidant defense. For this reason, a diet enriched with pterostilbene may protect against dementia.

Dietary choices play a role in one’s susceptibility to cognitive decline and dementia later in life. During the natural course of aging, cognitive reserve (the brain’s ability to recover from a neurological insult, like a concussion or drug overdose) is gradually depleted.

This post is about the 7 habits that had the largest impact on my brain function.

Quote of the day:

To be fair, we're like 1.5 months into 2017. But there's no reason to wait until a new year to make positive life changes.

Brain health is intimately linked to heart health and glucose homeostasis (regulation of blood sugar).

There's something really fantastic about plant-derived nootropics. I'm a big fan of bacopa, lion's mane and the like.