Can an employer fire you for a positive drug test?

Consequences may include: Firing- in most cases, your employer will not fire you on the spot unless it is a recurrent habit. If this is your first time, your boss may give you another chance to prove yourself.

What happens when an employee tests positive for drugs?

A positive drug test, with a consequence of suspension and possible termination for non-compliance with the EAP treatment plan may be the first time an employee is held accountable for his/her poor choices. Not all employees who test positive are substance- dependent or in need of intensive treatment.

Can an employer terminate you if you test positive for drugs?

It is highly unfortunate for termination to be the consequence of testing positive for drugs especially if the employee has a key position in your company. However, if the employee refuses to participate in a program, that constitutes grounds for termination.

Can you fire someone for failing a drug test?

“An employer does not necessarily have an automatic right to dismiss an employee who has arrived at work drunk or affected by drugs, or even having failed a drug test,” Clayer says.

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Does a positive drug test go on your record?

How Long Do Failed Drug Tests Stay on Record? The positive drug test remains in the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse until you successfully complete the Return-to-Duty process and follow-up testing. After that, the information stays in the Clearinghouse for five years.

How do you fight a positive drug test?

The best way to contest false-positive results is to reach out to your pharmacist and ask if prescription drugs and OTC medications you take on a regular basis can cause a positive drug test result. Ask if the pharmacist can provide written documentation to this effect and bring a copy to the test site.

What are the consequences of failing a drug test?

If they fail a drug test, they may be referred for treatment, suspended, or removed from the job. However, the private sector and public employers (with 25 or more employees) must “reasonably accommodate” employees who want to seek drug or alcohol abuse treatment.

What drugs do workplaces test for?

Drug testing is one action an employer can take to determine if employees or job applicants are using drugs.

These five illicit drugs are:

  • Amphetamines (meth, speed, crank, ecstasy)
  • THC (cannabinoids, marijuana, hash)
  • Cocaine (coke, crack)
  • Opiates (heroin, opium, codeine, morphine)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP, angel dust)

Can you be randomly drug tested at work?

The constitutional right to privacy almost universally prohibits random drug testing in California. For most jobs, an employer must give notice to all current and prospective employees before a drug test.

What do you do if an employee fails a drug test?

What happens when an employee fails a drug test?

  1. Termination. For businesses with a zero-tolerance drug-free policy, this is the most appropriate action. …
  2. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) An EAP may be an option if the employer wishes to offer the employee a second chance. …
  3. Workplace Probation.
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Does CBD show up on a drug test?

CBD will not show up in a drug test because drug tests are not screening for it. CBD products may well contain THC, however, so you can fail a drug test after taking CBD products. If you take CBD oil, you should plan accordingly if your work or activities require you to undergo drug testing.

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