What impact did the Great Depression have on family life quizlet?

The Great Depression affected the daily lives of average Americans by causing them to be unemployed. People who had homes or apartments became homeless because they had no money to pay rent. Families fell apart when the husbands would leave to go search for jobs. Many suffered depression and committed suicide.

How were families affected by the Great Depression quizlet?

The Great Depression cause families to make alot of hard decisions. Most families, during this time period, were homeless. … The Great Depression cause many families, men and women, to become unemployed. because of this families, world wide, became homeless and were now living in poverty.

How did the Great Depression affect American family in the 1930s quizlet?

How did the Great Depression affect the American family in the 1930s? It created resentment among men, who lost their jobs more often than women did. The depression created resentment and a loss of self-esteem among men, who lost their jobs much more frequently than lower-paid women did.

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How did the Great Depression impact people’s lives?

More important was the impact that it had on people’s lives: the Depression brought hardship, homelessness, and hunger to millions. THE DEPRESSION IN THE CITIES In cities across the country, people lost their jobs, were evicted from their homes and ended up in the streets.

Who was the hardest hit by the Great Depression?

The poor were hit the hardest. By 1932, Harlem had an unemployment rate of 50 percent and property owned or managed by blacks fell from 30 percent to 5 percent in 1935. Farmers in the Midwest were doubly hit by economic downturns and the Dust Bowl.

What was life like during the Great Depression quizlet?

The Great Depression was the worst and longest economic collapse in the history of the modern industrial world. During it, many people, 1/4 of the nation’s workforce, were unemployed. It lasted from 1929 to the early 1940’s. People lost jobs and savings, and sales production declined.

What were some major effects of these bank failures?

Banks Extended Too Much Credit

New businesses—making new products like automobiles, radios and refrigerators—borrowed to support non-stop expansion in output. They kept borrowing and spending even as business inventories soared (300 percent between 1928 and 1929 alone) and Americans’ wages stagnated.

Why were the lives of hoboes difficult during the Great Depression?

Why were the lives of hoboes difficult during the Depression? Because now there poor or looking for a job they had to deal with all these other people who were also losing their jobs and doing the same things that they have been doing.

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How did the Great Depression affect farming quizlet?

farmers grew more crops and raised more livestock than they could sell at a profit. Both consumers and farmers were steadily going deeper into debt. Demand fell after the war, and crop prices declined by 40 percent or more. …

What was an important impact of the Great Depression quizlet?

The stock market crash of October 1929 brought the economic prosperity of the 1920s to a symbolic end. The Great Depression was a worldwide economic crisis that in the United States was marked by widespread unemployment, near halts in industrial production and construction, and an 89 percent decline in stock prices.

How did the new deal affect farmers quizlet?

Overall, the New Deal did help farmers get back on track because it brought new technologies and brought back demand for produce grew. Since the government basically ordered farmers to stop producing as much and they offered to pay them, the demand for produce grew.

What were some of the problems people faced during the Depression quizlet?

Some of the problems that people faced during the depression were that because they were unemployed they did not have enough money to pay their bills and debt. Some families were forced to split up so they could find work. To help pay for food some children had to drop out of school and take very low paying jobs.

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