Question: Why is Risperdal hazardous?

Is progesterone a hazardous drug?

Progesterone is reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen based on sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity from studies in ex- perimental animals.

What is the NIOSH hazardous drug list?

The NIOSH List is an aid designed to enable employers to identify which drugs handled by employees are considered by NIOSH to be hazardous drugs. Because new drugs and new formulations are continuously brought to market between NIOSH’s periodic updates hazardous drug evaluation should be a continual process.

Why is Paxil a hazardous drug?

On December 8, 2005, the FDA alerted health care professionals and patients about preliminary test results of studies for Paxil (paroxetine) suggesting that the drug increases the risk for birth defects, particularly heart defects, when women take Paxil during the first trimester.

Why is Depakote a hazardous drug?

Depakote may increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Risk of suicide may be exacerbated in patients who take Depakote for conditions such as bipolar disorder which already carries a higher-than-normal risk of suicide. In 2008, the FDA analyzed nearly 200 trials of epileptic drugs including Depakote.

Is insulin a hazardous drug?

Based on the information provided – that insulin contains greater than 200 mg/L of m-cresol – the insulin would be classified as a toxic characteristic hazardous waste when disposed.

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Is Flucytosine a hazardous drug?

ACGIH EPA NIOSH NTP IARC OSHA Classification 6/9 Page 7 Flucytosine Capsules USP Section 11. Toxicological information Developmental effects : No known significant effects or critical hazards.

How long do traces of hazardous drugs last in a patient’s system?

Most drugs are excreted in body fluids within 48 hours of administration. All personnel responsible for handling excreta, including urine, emesis, blood, and feces, from patients who have received HDs in the past 48 hours should follow appropriate precautions.

What drugs are hazardous?

Hazardous drugs include those used for can- cer chemotherapy, antiviral drugs, hormones, some bioengineered drugs, and other miscella- neous drugs.

Is Methotrexate a hazardous drug?

Methotrexate can pose a health hazard to caregivers. All caregivers should take safety precautions while giving this drug. For 48 hours after this drug is given, the patient’s body fluids can contain the drug.

Why is warfarin a hazardous drug?

It is used to control rodents. * Warfarin is on the Hazardous Substance List because it is regulated by OSHA and cited by ACGIH, DOT, NIOSH, DEP, IRIS and EPA. * This chemical is on the Special Health Hazard Substance List because it is a TERATOGEN. * Definitions are provided on page 5.

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