Can Olanzapine ODT be cut in half?

You can take olanzapine with or without food. Take olanzapine at the time(s) recommended by your doctor. You can cut or crush the tablet.

Can olanzapine ODT tablets be cut in half?

The tablets should stay in the unopened blister package until immediately before you take your dose. If you split the tablet as part of your dose, the half-tablet that is not taken should be destroyed. Do not save this half-tablet for later use.

Can you split olanzapine orally disintegrating tablets?

d) Orally-disintegrating tablet – ODT can be split in the sense that splitting them does not compromise their absorption. They disintegrate in the mouth within second, and contents can be swallowed with or without water. However, the wafers are very fragile and should be handled very carefully, with dry hands.

Can you split an ODT tablet?

Don’t break or split the ODT. Don’t open the foil packaging or remove the ODT until just before you administer it.

How do you take olanzapine ODT?

Olanzapine ODT generichealth should be taken once a day as advised by your doctor. Take your prescribed dose at the same time each day. Olanzapine ODT generichealth can be taken with or without food.

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Is 5 mg of olanzapine a lot?

Gradual tapering of the dose should be considered when discontinuing olanzapine. A lower starting dose (5 mg/day) is not routinely indicated but should be considered for those 65 and over when clinical factors warrant (see section 4.4). A lower starting dose (5 mg) should be considered for such patients.

Can you take olanzapine every other day?

Effects are long-lasting, so olanzapine should be dosed once a day; however, it may take several weeks of continued dosing before a reduction in symptoms is seen.

What is 2.5 mg of olanzapine used for?

Olanzapine is used to treat certain mental/mood conditions (such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder). It may also be used in combination with other medication to treat depression.

Can olanzapine ODT be dissolved in water?

These film coated tablets should be swallowed whole with a glass of water. Olanzapine AN ODT: These orally disintegrating tablets will dissolve in your mouth, therefore do not require water.

Can Zofran be dissolved in water?

Place the tablet in the mouth and allow it to dissolve, then swallow. While you may take these tablets with water, it is not necessary to do so.

Can I split Klonopin?

General. A person can take clonazepam with or without food. They should take this drug at the times recommended by a doctor. A person can cut or crush the tablet.

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